Saturday, July 25, 2015

MST07: The Lone One Chapter 2

This one's coming a little late, but I've been busy with quite a lot of other stuff. I'm entering a couple writing contests, so all my energy has been focused toward them. However, I will try to juggle that with Shiva content, so here's some right now.

MST 07: The Lone One Chapter 2

Summary: The Shiva crew get an unwanted visitor in their apartment, and it isn't Godzilla this time! Afterwards, they take on Chapter 2 of The Lone One, a Naruto fanfic that could probably be better described as a lost Mortal Kombat entry. To make matters worse, yet another guest makes a special appearance toward the end! Will Ron survive long enough to get all his squatters out before his landlord evicts him?

Written by: Aaron Mays
Riffers: Ron, Tetsuya, and Catie

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MST06: NGE Third Impact - The Second Chance

Here's another MST, and it only took me five days too! I am again reviewing something I didn't write. Enjoy.

MST 06NGE Third Impact - The Second Chance

Summary: The Shiva crew tackle an Evangelion fanfiction where Third Impact may or may not have happened, Shinji loves his booze, and Asuka is nothing short of a psychopath. To make matters worse, Ron discovers his apartment is haunted by a very famished spirit, and a special guest makes a surprise appearance toward the end!

Written By: Aaron Mays
Riffers: Ron, Tetsuya, and Catie

Friday, June 26, 2015

Character Profiles: Tetsuya

And we keep the ball rolling with our last character profile. This time, we spotlight Tetsuya, the third and final member of the Shiva Team. While Catie is my favorite character, I find Tetsuya the most fun to write dialogue for.

Age: 25 (as 2015)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 201 lbs
Date of Birth: 06/17/90
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Blood Type: O+
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Japanese American
Occupation: N/A

Who is Tetsuya?
The jobless wonder of Shiva, Tetsuya takes the badness out of bad fanfics and makes them fun...sort of. Whereas Ron is the straight man of the team and Catie the loudmouth, Tetsuya can be best described as the jokester. He always seems to have a smile on his face and unlike Catie, can usually make the best of a bad situation (or fanfic). He brings a sort of balance to the team, a medium between Ron and Catie that makes the team as a whole function like a well oiled machine.

His relationship with Ron is pretty cut and clear: they're best friends. His relationship with Catie however is a bit more complicated. It's no secret he enjoy picking on her and inciting her anger, so much so that he doesn't mind taking a few punches or scratches from her in retaliation.

Tetsuya, having no job, tends to spend most of his day playing video games or watching cartoons. Ron doesn't mind this much so long as Tetsuya does his job as a member of Shiva, but Catie often gives Tetsuya grief about his lack of a profession, much to his annoyance.

Why Shiva?
Tetsuya had been somewhat of a loner before he joined Shiva. He didn't have many friends and spent most of his time either online or playing video games. He became interested in fanfiction at an early age, writing some himself while reading others. While reading stories, he would often leave comedic, yet critical, comments that angered most, yet attracted the attention of Ron. He messaged Tetsuya, telling him he was forming a group of riffers and was interested in Tetsuya's abilities. Tetsuya declined at first, feeling the whole thing more hassle than it was worth. However, once Ron mentioned he would be paid for his services, Tetsuya was quick to change his tune. He even went so far as to move into Ron's apartment.

Other Profiles

Character Profiles: Catie

This has long been overdue, but today is the continuation of our spotlight on the Shiva MSTs team. Today we will talk about Catie, someone who is without a doubt the most vocal out of all the riffers. Notably, she is also my favorite character to write for. (Sorry Tetsuya and Ron!)

Age: 23 (as of 2015)
Height: 5'1
Weight: Not Telling
Date of Birth: 07/24/91
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: A+
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: Grocery Store Cashier

Who is Catie?
Catie is the 'loudmouth' of the team, someone who rarely hesitates to raise her voice or complain about something given the opportunity. Basically, if she doesn't like or agree with a topic, you can guarantee you'll hear about it. She is also the harshest riffer for these very reason, and even her colleagues on the Shiva team cringe at some of her remarks. She would however consider herself more honest that mean.

Catie is also well known for her short temper and the fact she's quick to resort to violence. Getting on her bad side often means a lashing from her tongue as well as her fists. She is easily agitated, with Tetsuya's antics and remarks usually being the main source of her ire.

Catie is also a big anime fan. In particular, she enjoys giant robot shows such as Code Geass, Gundam, Macross, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Her intimate knowledge of various series shows during riffings, and she is quick to point out when something is off or a mistake has been made. In short, it really grinds her gears when it's clear to her someone hasn't done their research.

Why Shiva?
Due to her personality, Catie has always been quick to judge things. Whether it was her peers, her school work, or just some guy asking her out, if there was a flaw in something to be found and then ostracized, she would stop at nothing to find it. Although she didn't know it, that made her the perfect riffer, at least in Ron's opinion. During a routine trip to the grocery store, he spotted her arguing with one of the customers rather passionately. He and Catie have long since forgotten what it was even about, but with the promise of a steady paycheck, Ron convinced a skeptical Catie to join the team. To this day, she still wonders if accepting his offer was such a good thing.

Other Character Profiles

Thursday, June 25, 2015

MST05: My Bleach Fanfic Chapter 2

Ah yes. This tale. This...blemish on my writing career if you will. Okay, it's not that bad, but here I am making fun of it anyway. Chapter One of this was my first MST, so how fitting that Chapter Two will be the first Shiva MSTs riffing of 2015. I can assure you this one is just as bad as the first. Rather than just talking about it however, I'll allow you to suffer it alongside me! Enjoy...

MST 05My Bleach Fanfic Chapter 2

Summary: The Bleach fanfiction in name only continues with Chapter 2 as Ron, Catie, and Tetsuya try to determine why the townsfolk if Hino are so dense, why our anonymous Shinigami is seemingly made of wrapping paper, and why the author of the fanfic seems to have a personal vendetta against proper nouns!

Written by: Aaron Mays
Riffers: Ron, Tetsuya, and Catie

Lack of Activity

Hello all. Aaron Mays here. As you can see, there hadn't been a post before this one since last year. Real life has of course gotten in the way of my work and the amount of time I have to do this. The lack of activity however can also be attributed to a general lack of interest. Riffing stuff is a lot of fun, but it seems it's difficult for me to focus on the task for an extended period of time. For those that do or have checked in on this blog for new content, I apologize for ghosting every so often.

That doesn't mean I'm quitting however. No, I haven't forgotten about this place. I will likely have a new MST up soon, with another to follow shortly after. Of course, if any of you reading this out there have something you'd like me to riff, please, PLEASE don't hesitate to email me.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

MST 04.5: Code Geass: Fire Love Chapter 3

The explanation for the strange name is in the MST itself, so go there with your questions!

At last, the gripping conclusion for Code Geass: Fire Love! Well...sort of. Ron, Tetsuya, and Catie take one last spin at the epic saga of a boy and his dragon and their gripping struggle against the world! Or maybe just their gripping struggle to make sense.

Note: I have switched the writing format up a bit. For the first and last parts of the MST, everything will be written in novel form, while the actual riffing itself will be in the script format you're accustomed to seeing. It'll make sense once you see it.

MST 04.5: Code Geass: Fire Love Chapter 3 (The End?)

Written by: Aaron Mays
Riffers: Ron, Tetsuya, Catie